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Sahaa Mukhi Rudraksha is considered as the symbol of Lord Kartikeya, brother of Lord Ganesh and second son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. As per astrology, when the sixth house in the horoscope is negatively affected by the planetary positions, the person suffers from secret enemies and their game plans. Sahaa Mukhi Rudraksha helps in eradicating the malefic effect on the sixth house. The secret enemies and their schemes are thwarted nipped in the bud. Lord Kartikeya is the Commander-in-Chief of the armies of the Gods. Hence wearing a Sahaa Mukhi Rudraksha imbibes similar qualities in the possessor like business acumen, sharpness, courage and bravery.

Lust, wrath, pride, attachment, greed and envy and the six sins mentioned in the Vedas. When one of these six becomes powerful, the character of the person starts deteriorating. Sahaa Mukhi Rudraksha assists in controlling and keeping these six sins in check and prevents degradation of character. Sahaa Mukhi Rudraksha is very beneficial to students. It helps in increasing memory power, retention power of the subjects’ studied, comprehensive ability of the student and concentration.