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Shiva devotee considers Akra Mukhi Rudraksha as the essence. Veerbhadra, Shambhu, Ajaikpaad, Ahirbudhya, Pinaaki, Aparijaat, Bhuvandhishwar, Kapaali, Sthaanu and Bhav are the eleven Rudras. The number eleven is considered to be very pious. As per numerology, the number eleven is considered to be fortunate and beneficial. Akra Mukhi Rudraksha is considered to be Rudra incarnate and hence it annihilates any trouble, difficulties, discomfort or distress. One of my acquaintances possesses an Akra Mukhi Rudraksha given to his forefather by a yogi. The family worships the Akra Mukhi Rudraksha daily as a ritual. The family attributes the success and wealth they have gained due to the effect of this Akra Mukhi Rudraksha. Akra Mukhi Rudraksha bestows success, wealth, health and good fortune to the possessor. It makes the possessor of Akra Mukhi Rudraksha content and satisfied on achieving success and wealth in one’s life. Akra Mukhi Rudraksha is beneficial for improving one’s health too. It has a very positive impact on one’s health and protects the possessor from any disease or calamities.