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Paach Mukhi Rudraksha is the most common and most popular amongst all the Rudrakshas. In comparison, the Rudraksha tree produces Paach Mukhi Rudraksha in highest numbers. Paach Mukhi Rudraksha is related to the five elements and five senses. It has tremendous positive impact on the five senses. Wearing Paach Mukhi Rudraksha for long durations guarantee peace of mind and stability. It also helps in healing any problems related to ears, nose or throat. Paach Mukhi Rudraksha is also helpful in controlling of blood pressure. If a Paach Mukhi Rudraksha is energized by certain rituals and particular mantras and placed in specific areas in a ‘Vaastu’, then it assists in eradication of any bad effects / vibrations / energies present in that particular ‘Vaastu’. In general it has been observed that placing a Paach Mukhi Rudraksha in vehicle, Vaastu or wearing around the neck helps in annihilating any negative vibrations and the Rudraksha imparts a protective armor of positive energies.