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Technically, Sachin Madhukar Paranjape requires no introduction. He is a respected and well known figure because of his profession as an astrology consultant and also as an amateur writer.

Sachin is a Philosophy graduate from Mumbai University. He has done his
Masters in Marathi. Apart from the above mentioned conventional education, he is also a 'Jyotish - Bhushan' from a reputed Academy in Mumbai. Sachin's true calling was Astrology and hence he took up the noble profession of an Astrology Consultant. Besides being an Astro Consultant, he is also a proficient Vastu Shastra Consultant. Many people consult him and seek his guidance.

Sachin is a diligent researcher of Hindu texts and scriptures. He is a voracious reader and on studying various age old texts, he has developed a few products which he recommends to his clients if necessary. A few products developed by
him are namely; 'Parad Shivlinga', 'Paradeshwari' and “Parad Ganapati” Details of these products can be obtained by contacting the office on the number/email id provided in 'Contact details'

Sachin has done extensive study of gemology. He studies the horoscope and suggests the use of precious stone or a combination of precious stones to his client. An in-depth and thorough analysis of the horoscope is done and then only a precious stone is suggested if at all necessary. Sachin also deals in precious stones and provides genuine gem stones of superior quality which are defect free. A certificate from a recognized Government testing lab is provided along with every purchase of gem stone giving details about the authenticity and quality of the stone.
Astro consultancy is the primary calling of Sachin and writing fiction is his second. Sachin is very active on the social media platform, especially Facebook. He is followed by almost 15,000 followers on Facebook and his blog combined. Sachin has two books to his credit. His first book was ‘Maajhi Facebookgiri’, a compilation of various posts written by him on Facebook since 2007. The second book named ‘Palikadla’ belongs to the horror genre and is a very interesting and a scary read!! Both these books received a decent response from the readers. Sachin was much appreciated for these books and his writing skills as well. Right now he is working on his third book which is a crime thriller.